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"Beauty is the arrowhead of evangelization."

Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire

Here is the official video for the new album from Dominicana Records, The Hillbilly Thomists!  The full album will be released on December 12, 2017 as a digital download and physical CD.

Thanks to Dan Hart for sharing his discovery of this group with Knights for Neighbors!

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«My young love said to me, “My mother won't mind And my father won't slight you for your lack of kind.” And she stepped away from me and this she did say “It will not be long, love, 'til our wedding day.” As she stepped away from me and she moved through the fair And fondly I watched her move here and move there And then she turned homeward with one star awake Like the swan in the evening moves over the lake. The people were saying, no two e'er were wed But one had a sorrow that never was said And I smiled as she passed with her goods and her gear And that was the last that I saw of my dear. Last night she came to me, my dead love came in So softly she came that her feet made no din As she laid her hand on me and this she did say: It will not be long, love, 'til our wedding day...» Arianna Savall | Peiwoh (℗ 2009 Alia Vox)
Word on Fire

Word on Fire

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732~1809) 《The Creation》oratorio, Hob. XXI:2 (1798) - English version, Vienna 1800 - (Part 1, Scene 4 - The Fourth Day) 14.
Lyrics: By yon bonnie banks an' by yon bonnie braes Whaur the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond Whaur me an' my true love will ne-er meet again On the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomon'.
Beautiful Atlanta Snow, December 8, 2017

Beautiful Atlanta Snow, December 8, 2017

O voce divina. Un student la Facultatea de Teologie Cluj. Chris Harvey shared this in honor of the observance of the Epiphany.

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by Romano Guardini, Catholic Exchange, December 27, 2017

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